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11 December 2012 @ 11:55 pm

AUTHOR: hazelflagg

SUMMARY: Getting the picture, newly on the run post-The Truth.

DISCLAIMER: These disclaimers are worthless legally speaking so i'm going to be sassy and say, eh, sue me. 

AUTHOR'S NOTES: This just came out of nowhere? Although may your love never end/and if you need a friend/there's a seat here alongside me(x) really kind of worked its way into my brain. Flying sans-beta as usual, shorter than most things i write, and I'm uncreative with titles. 

He’s got a twenty-thousand league vocabulary and she’s shocked every last word right out of him, but he thinks he might be smiling. Collapse )

03 November 2012 @ 02:08 pm
AUTHOR: hazelflagg
SUMMARY: fluff-angst between Existence and NIHT

DISCLAIMER: I can make a really compelling case for fair use if you want to try me.  *shrug*

AUTHOR'S NOTES: I always feel weirdly guilty writing for episodes that I know have been done to death, but here we are again (I'm working on a season 1 fic too, if that will help even the score). I had to do something with season 8/9 because it's my favourite period for fic, particularly the fumbly late season 8, for which my thoughts boil down to "hmm, okay 1013, I think I see what you were trying to do but the you keep failing on execution and everything is a tad unsatisfying." 

And really, I'm just a big ol' sucker for Mulder and baby times. Whoops. 

Also, my fic, my rules, therefore Scully takes her tea just like I do ;)

There’s nothing quite like being awestruck together, they’ve found.Collapse )
22 January 2012 @ 08:58 pm
AUTHOR: hazelflagg

SUMMARY: Silly kids are on the brink of something and they know it and they're being shy about it. This is dangerously close to a date, you two...


SPOILERS: The Unnatural (post-ep), brief mentions of a few events from prior episodes. 

DISCLAIMER: I write this out of love and not for profit, which doesn't matter legally anyway but perhaps it gets me some morality points? That said, I would be honoured to be the precedent-setting court case for fanfic, so go for it.

AUTHOR'S NOTES: The Unnatural's been post-ep'd to death, I know, but let me have my fun because UST-filled season 6 missing scene fics are my favourite thing of all. Un-beta'd as usual, so tell me if you find typos/bad grammar/things that suck in general.

She's not sure if it's a biting parody of their lives or a hopeful prophecy.Collapse )
09 January 2012 @ 11:01 am
AUTHOR: hazelflagg

SUMMARY: Some FBI dorks watch late-night movies and get kinda meta on us.

RATING: barely PG

SPOILERS: How the Ghosts Stole Christmas (post-ep)

DISCLAIMER: You know what? Go ahead and sue me. I'm almost a proper lawyer now, I can take you. 

AUTHOR'S NOTES: This story is just a pile of fluff that had to exist for my own sake. Some of it won't make sense if you aren't familiar with the wacky old Thin Man film series, in which case I'm a bit sad for you. I'll explain things if you promise to watch 'em pronto, but in a nutshell they're about a wealthy husband-and-wife detective team who solve mysteries in their spare time (y'know, for the fun of it) while downing lots of liquor and exchanging playful banter, and occasionally getting a bit of help from their faithful terrier, Asta.

Also, Myrna Loy was a fierce redhead. 

"Looks like a marathon, Scully."Collapse )